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Whiskey Chicks sits in one of the oldest building in Bricktown. Built in 1906, it was once a stable for the Wells Fargo stage coaches. There are stories of squatters sleeping in the stable before the Oklahoma Land Run. Inside is a welcoming atmosphere with antique and sophisticated interior aimed to maintain the character of the buildings history. Whiskey Chicks sets in a great location, provides entertainment, and serves craft cocktails along with tasty food. The building sets between Chesapeake Arena and Chickasaw Bricktown Ball Park. The Oklahoma Gazette voted Whiskey Chicks the best pre and post venue for sporting events and concerts downtown.  Featured are 8 high definition T.V.s that can be watched from every spot in the bar. Also, a patio with hanging Edison lights to create a warm and cheerful environment. All ages are welcome until nine p.m. then it is twenty-one and up only. Because Whiskey Chicks is the only bar on Reno it sees a-lot of foot traffic and is in the perfect place to charm newcomers and locals.
Many quality bands are booked during the weekends. A few favorites have captured many hearts and bring in a crowd every night they play. Over the years local musicians have made their start by playing their very first gigs at Whiskey Chicks. Although sad to see them go, it is not surprising when their talent takes them to record deals in Nashville and LA. The bar features a variety of craft cocktails and many locally made beers. It also offers over 250 whiskeys from all over the world. It may be hard to pick just one, so available is a whiskey and scotch flight. The kitchen serves delicious food made fresh. A few favorites are; fall-off-the-bone wings, a hearty whiskey burger and secret crack tots. There are vegetarian and
 keto diet options as well. Whiskey Chicks is a one of a kind place that must be checked out when visiting Bricktown.



Contact us to book a table for any occasion. We accept reservations for up to 20 people.

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